• A hidden helper of Asiana Airport

    Ramp Service
    Responsible for all ground services on the ground from arrival to
    departure of aircraft, we provide excellent and systematic top quality services
    through adherence to timeliness and accuracy.
  • Cargo is also a customer

    Cargo Service
    By establishing advanced operation and optimized logistics system,
    we provide reliable cargo operation services.
  • Stable supply of raw materials

    Fueling Service
    As a part of supplying aviation fuel to aircraft, we provide the best service
    through the best system and thorough quality inspection for the safe travel of passengers.
  • Operation of Incheon International Airport fueling facility

    Aircraft Maintenance
    We provide safer and more accurate flight maintenance service
    through various ratting and rich experience necessary for effective flight maintenance.
  • Offer a variety of services

    Other Services
    We provide other operation services such as
    equipment maintenance and leasing, personnel support etc.

Company Information

Asiana Airport Co., Ltd. is realizing customer satisfaction management by reorganizing all organizations to customer-oriented ones
and is becoming a top-ranking professional ground operator by carrying out full-fledged highly value-added and profitable cargo warehousing
and international aircraft lubrication operations with the opening of Incheon International Airport as a momentum.

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Based on the network between Asiana Airport and airports,
we provide more systematic and faster services.


Asiana Airport engaged in raising the corporate value of its customers with enthusiasm and commitment

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