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Fueling Service

Summary of fueling service

All operations related to aircraft fueling, including transportation, fueling, and de-fueling of aviation oil (JET-A1) as well as quality inspection of aviation fuel

Stable supply of raw materials
Fueling Service
Starting fueling services for Asiana Airlines and foreign airlines as soon as building a fueling facility at Busan and Jeju airports in 1991, we have developed dramatically with strict and efficient business flow development, excellent operation personnel and thorough quality control.

In particular, we entered the aircraft fueling service market in earnest by starting the fueling service at Incheon International Airport and Gimpo Airport in March 2001 and February 2002, respectively. Starting the fueling service of five foreign airlines when Incheon International Airport was opened, we currently carry out fueling service for 42 foreign airlines and have achieved remarkable growth such as market share of up to 44.4% in the fueling service sector for foreign carriers in 1 year after starting Incheon International Airport fueling service and will continue to expand our market share in the future.
Fueling Service