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GSE Maintenance Service

We are improving the efficiency of maintenance work by securing a maintenance station for ground handling equipment at Incheon and Gimpo International Airports and maintaining vehicles for passenger transport and staff transport and ground handling equipment required for aircraft operation at the optimum condition at all times by securing excellent maintenance personnel and introducing continuous new technology.
In addition to regular and frequent checks of ground handling equipment, we make our customers feel more pleasant and comfortable by providing coating facilities and car wash facilities in the ground handling maintenance station and play a part in increasing the efficiency of the equipment and reducing the cost by converting expensive foreign equipment to domestic parts.
  • Regular checks of ground handling equipment
  • Frequent checks of ground handling equipment
  • Painting and washing of ground handling equipment
  • Engine modification and performance improvement of ground handling equipment
  • Other inspection tasks

Manpower Supply Service

Personnel support refers to the performance or agency of an airline's entire or a part of its specific work by our skilled employees. Our employees are evaluated to be far superior to other employees with responsibility that does not allow even small errors and mistakes as well as experienced job handling based on wide experience and kindness in various fields from everyday work to complex GSE maintenance tasks.
  • GSE equipment operation work
  • Mounting and transporting air cargo
  • Other office work

Laundry Service

We collect various kinds of fabrics (clothes) from in-flight seat cover, blanket, ground worker's uniforms and mechanic's garments for laundry. Since we think and inspect from the customer's perspective with strict sanitary control and thorough service mind, you can feel our sincerity even in one small piece of laundry.
  • In-flight Seat Cover Cleaning
  • In-flight blanket Cleaning
  • Uniform cleaning
  • Overall cleaning
  • Other cleanings(towel etc)