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Cargo Handing Service

Summary of cargo handling service

Providing cargo storage services for customs clearance and transportation preparation for export, import / passed cargo carried by aircraft

Cargo is also a customer
Cargo handling service
Since the start of the cargo handling service of Asiana Airlines in 1992, we have achieved rapid growth every year based on our mindset of 「cargo is also a customer」 and our own know-how. We handle various items including general cargo, mail, valuables and dangerous goods safely and promptly in accordance with internationally authorized quality, environment, safety management system (ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001) and IATA regulations.

At Incheon International Airport, which is now growing as a hub airport in Northeast Asia, we are building customer trust based on the efficient operation of the cargo terminal (Terminal C) only for foreign airlines.

Not satisfied with this trust, we have rapidly and securely processed customer airline and operation volume, which have soared year by year, and have earned the reputation and trust as a cargo operator in a short period of time by winning numerous awards in recognition of the operation quality. In addition, we will not cease our efforts to provide better quality service and to become a first-class handling service company such as continuous improvement of cargo operation flow, development of new technology and training of excellent manpower.
Cargo Service C terminal