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Safety & Health management

Ⅰ. SMS Certification (Safety Management System)

Asiana Airlines follows the legal requirements for aircraft maintenance and obtained the SMS (Aviation Safety Management System) approval on July 27, 2011 to document the principles and procedures of the safety management system to establish a standardized work system.

The approval review was conducted by the Seoul Regional Aviation Administration of the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, which is a government agency. From April to June (3 months), we have established a manual on aviation safety management system staff training and aviation safety management system and have laid the foundation for our new aircraft maintenance business by completing the deficiencies through document screening and on-site screening and obtaining certification on July 27 based on aviation safety management system (SMS) related laws during the month of July.

Through the approval of the Aviation Safety Management System (SMS), we have built a preventive and foreseeable safety management that is one step ahead of the safety management which had been focusing on the post management in the past. We have established preventive safety management activities such as reporting system, risk factor finding, management of performance index, composition of SMS committee, safety audit, etc. These activities enabled us to detect the risk factors inherent in the system in advance, to prevent safety accidents and provide high quality services.

Through this approval of the Aviation Safety Management System (SMS), all employees were reborn as risk monitors, and we will endeavor to be reborn as a accident-free workplace and the best operator through continuous prevention.

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Ⅱ. Safety disaster prevention activity

Ba To Ba Movement

The Ba To Ba Movement, which was conducted under the slogan of 'BACK TO THE BASIC', is a campaign to find the possibility of a safety accident that can be easily overlooked and take corrective accident to prevent accidents. To this end, we set action guidelines suitable for each team and each PART and encourage active participation of employees to prevent many accidents.

Ⅲ. Health activity

Work environment measurement

In order to improve the working environment, we measure hazardous factors (noise, dust, organic solvents, etc.) of the workplace at least once a half year. Based on these measurement results, we are concentrating on facility investment and improvement, and our workplace is maintaining a pleasant environment far below the allowable standard.

Prevention of musculoskeletal diseases

To prevent musculoskeletal diseases of employees using specific body parts and muscles constantly and repeatedly, we have established various programs and conducted preventive education. Thinking that the health of the staff is directly connected with the best services, we provide a lot of interest and support from an enterprise perspective.