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Fueling Service

Systematic fueling service capability
Fueling Service
Currently, we are operating aircraft fueling service at five airports including Incheon International Airport, Gimpo, Busan, Jeju and Muan. We are also engaged in non-regular fueling service at Seongnam and Gwangju Airports.
We are achieving accident-free fueling service after the start date of service by carrying out the aviation oil quality inspection with the latest equipment and excellent professional manpower and performing handling service based on system Flow and aviation oil transportation, fueling, and de-fueling operations by skilled service workforce.

Checklist of aviation oil quality control by cycle

· Daily
- Storage Tank Release Note Check
- Daily Filter & Sump Drain
- Daily Fuel Sample (Control Check)-every flight
- Chemical water detector check(every flight)
· Weekly
- Filter Differential Pressure Check
- Dispenser Control Box Check
- Dispenser Appearance Check
· Monthly
- Colorimetric Millipore Test
- Fire Extinguisher Check
· Quarterly
- Gravimetric Millipore Test
· Yearly
- Fuelling Vehicle Tank Inspection
- Dispenser Filter Open Check
· Every other year
- Filter Change
- Tank Cleaning
· Others
- Defuelling Fuel Control Check
- Contamination Test
- Fuel Contamination Test(if necessary)
  • Photos of handling service
  • Photos of handling service
  • Photos of handling service

Checklist of aviation oil quality control by cycle

We provide high quality service to our customers by operating our own fueling system maintenance building to meet our customers' requirements and various inspections of IATA, FAA and MAJOR aviation fuel suppliers.