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Ramp Service

Providing customized services
Ramp Service
With the representative part of ground handling services, we provide customized services to meet the specific needs of each client such as aircraft exterior & interior cleaning for pleasant and relaxing trip, De/Anti-Icing service essential for winter safety operation and passenger services including passenger transport and baggage handling as well as timeliness and accuracy. To this end, we have established various operational procedures and guidelines based on our international quality certification system and have implemented systematic education and training and safety management systems.


  • Marshalling / Parking
  • Ramp To Flight Deck Communication
  • Aircraft Starting
  • Moving of Aircraft
  • Toilet & Water Service
  • Cooling & Heating
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Embarking & Disembarking
  • Baggage Service
  • Exterior & Interior Cleaning
  • De-Icing / Anti-Icing Service
  • Storage of Cabin Material
  • Push back Service
  • Baggage Service
  • Lavatory Service
  • De-Icing / Anti-Icing Service
  • Potable Water Service
  • Passenger mounting